Working with Non-Profit Organizations to achieve their mission is part of our way to give back to Chicago on a larger scale.

Having hands on experience with organizations, we have found that
they are in need of unique venues in Chicago to better cultivate donor relations.

Equally important, they need to encourage their staff to continue to prosper in the demanding work they do.

We specialize in making your job easier. Our First Mate Services staff have impeccable organizational and creativity talents to make your event exactly what you need. Our unique offerings:
• We can host as many as 40 guests
• Premium Open Bar Options: Top Shelf, Beer & Wine, Soft Drinks as well as • • Mimosa’s and Champagne Toasts
• Deluxe and customizable catering for any event
• Fully staffed with Captain, Crew, Bartender & Serving Staff
• Architectural Tours of the Chicago River
• Lakefront Navy Pier Firework Shows on Wednesday and Saturday evenings

Donor Relation Events and Outings

By offering an intimate venue and creating a memorable experience, your high end donor relationships are guaranteed to flourish. Being on a yacht with just enough space to roam around, but not enough to get lost in the crowd will provide you many opportunities to make impactful connections with your donor base. We all know how incredibly important it is to thank your donors for their commitment and generous donations.

Adeline’s Sea Moose is a creative way to make sure to keep your guests interested, engaged, and experience your passions for the mission you set out to serve.

Employee Appreciation Events

This is where we really shine. We set the stage for you and your employees to relax and have a good time while feeling valued and appreciated. There are only a few things in the world that feel as good as a work day interrupted to lounge on a luxury private yacht with good food, drinks and sunshine.

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