We require that you provide a list of passengers that will accompany you on your Cruise. Please fill out the form below if you would like to submit it to us electronically.

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  1. Please fax or email back this list to office at latest 48 hours prior to cruise date.
  2. If names change after submitting to office or spelling of names is not exact… it’s ok.
  3. Please bring a copy of this list or updated list to boarding gate at J-Dock 15 minutes prior to time of cruise.
  4. Please remind the people on the passenger list to bring identification with them if they will be drinking alcohol during the cruise.
  5. Please inform the Captain of any passengers with serious medical conditions prior to cruise.

Yacht departs from Burnham Harbor, 600 E. Waldron Dr. Chicago IL.

Just north of the harbor masters office.

( 1550 S. Lake Shore Dr. Right behind or to the east of Soldier Field)

If you would like to download the Passenger List Form PDF file which you can fill out at your convenience and email back to us, please click the Form Icon below and save the file to your computer.

Passenger List Form

Right click and save linked file as…
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