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Chicago Yacht Management Services – Welcome to Chicago private yacht management. Our mission is to provide complete and comprehensive management services and maintenance solutions to yacht owners and crews in the 30’ to 130’ range.

Based on Lake Michigan in Chicago IL. we are positioned to provide fast and convenient solutions to all of your marine related concerns. Yachting for many of us is a personal experience, making a full time crew quite simply not an option. Our private Chicago yacht management team can supply all the services of full time crew without the hassles. For example, By having a licensed Captain it can lower insurance premiums and for the understaffed yacht we can be your shore based missing crew men. Providing concierge, maintenance, and relief crew services when you’re at the dock.

Another way Chicago private yacht rentals can help; If you are interested in defraying some of the cost of yacht ownership, consider placing your yacht in Charter Management service with Chicago private yacht rentals. Turn your yachts idle time into an income generating revenue source. And, as an added plus when the time comes to sell your yacht, an established reputation in the charter market can often augment the value and sale of your yacht.
Yacht Management Services in Chicago IL.
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Chicago private yacht management

We are a professional, reliable and experienced solution to yacht owners in the Chicagoland area. We offer the complete maintenance and management of our clients’ investments. We do this with our routine maintenance schedules and top notch, friendly staff. We understand the weight of the investments we manage on a day to day basis and we understand the level of trust involved in having a company manage your vessel. This is why we go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients by providing an assured increased longevity for their vessels. We will make sure that your yacht is fully and completely maintained so that on the day you desire to use it, you have no issues. We want your experience to be perfect in every way.

Our mission is to be renowned as the premier Chicago yacht management organization, period! Thus, our business model is to concentrate on ensuring that your vessel’s appearance and performance are held up to the highest standards of excellence and proficiency. We don’t want to inconvenience our clients one bit and we want their investments to last for many years to come. With our committed and high proficiency staff, we can assure our clients that they will have the turn-key enjoyment that they pay for because we make sure that your yacht is ready for you at all times.

We have high standards of maintenance, but we are not intrusive. This means that we cater every one of our client’s management schedules to their specific needs and preferences. We offer a multi-point inspection to keep yachts running and looking their best at all times. We operate out of the highest consideration of our clients as well as the best interest of the vessel. In addition, we make sure that each of our clients are thoroughly informed on our methods and the importance of our regular maintenance. For clients that do not use their yachts extensively, we offer very comprehensive and economical maintenance plans that will fit to their needs as well.


Chicago yacht maintenance teams extensive experience


Contact us about our extensive service options. We will ensure that your needs are met and that your expectations are exceeded. Yacht management is a serious deal for us because you have such a large investment that needs to be maintained by seasoned professionals: Our Chicago yacht maintenance teams extensive experience and a commitment to honest and reliable service have shaped our business and that’s what makes us the number one yacht management company in Chicago. We operate at the highest level of proficiency and thus we ensure that your investment on enjoyment remains enjoyable.

  • Delivery – New vessels, yacht transport, transient, etc. we will deliver your vessel safely and promptly.
  • Private Charter – Let our captain take you on a trip on your vessel. Every last detail will be accounted for.
  • Project Management – Partial or major refit? Experienced representation is essential to a fair and professional result. We will work with your boatyard or take care of it all in house.
  • Financial Management – We will manage all of your boats expenditures. Each yacht under management will receive its own account and receives monthly statements.
  • Boat Handling Instruction – If you love to drive your boat but hate to scratch it, let us give you private hands on instruction.
  • Regular Maintenance – All vessels are built and operated differently. Allow us to custom design a maintenance schedule for your vessel. Every mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic system will be accommodated.
  • System Refit Consultation – Upgrading or replacing systems can be confusing with all the options available. Having someone in your corner with real world experience can be the best investment ever made for your vessel.
  • System Repair/ Problem Solving – Have a system on your boat that is working improperly or doesn’t work at all? Are you or all your guys stumped? Chicago yacht management has a large base of yacht troubleshooters at their disposal. Chances are we’ve seen it before or know someone who has.
  • Special Event Planning – If you are having a wedding, business, or social event aboard your Yacht, we can secure chefs, wait staff, entertainment, etc. to make your special event a great success. large base of yacht troubleshooters at their disposal. Chances are we’ve seen it before or know somebody who has.
  • Brightwork – Proper and frequent application of fresh spar varnish are paramount to making your Brightwork look perfect.
  • Paint – Refinishing or repair, small sections or your entire yacht, above and below the water line.
  • Detailing – Interior or exterior cleaning services to make your vessel shine.
  • Bottom Cleaning – keeping the bottom of your yacht clean increases performance and saves fuel costs.
  • Zinc Replacement – Replacing zincs when necessary protects your boat and all its systems from electrolysis.
  • Pump holding tank and fuel boat as needed for you

The financial benefit of a professional maintenance program can be substantial over a long period of time. Experienced owners understand that a regular maintenance program, that is aggressive in fixing small problems on a timely basis, can prevent un-necessary expensive repairs if left unattended.

  • Protect your investment
  • Vessel evaluation
  • Multiple Service Levels
  • Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Choose your level of participation in the program
  • Receive a written report after each scheduled service. We can address any issues identified in the report.

Every owner and every vessel has unique needs. Our yacht management services in Chicago IL are designed specifically to your requirements.


Captain Controls Chicago Yacht Rental

Experienced industry professionals and communications with the owner is the key to a proper boat maintenance program, resulting in better boating experiences.

Our Chicago Yacht Management program starts with an extensive vessel evaluation with the owner to establish a base line as to the vessels condition. The owner then has an opportunity to choose from a list of services, maintenance and preventative maintenance options. Furthermore, the owner can participate in the implementation of the maintenance to any extent that he or she wishes. Vessel systems checks will then be performed on whatever schedule is agreed upon; bi-monthly, monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly. A written report will be sent or e-mailed to the owner on a timely basis after every visit to your boat. Further, the owner will be contacted to discuss any item that may require immediate attention.