Adeline's Sea Moose
offers the exhilaration you would expect from a well appointed 68 foot private luxury motor yacht as well as having the best views of Chicago's skyline and lakefront.

The blue waters of Lake Michigan are inspiring and a source of renewed energy. It is no wonder that many businesses decide on waterfront locations for kick offs, conferences and other company events. But for a different experience and a chance to get much more out of the event you should go for corporate yacht charters in Chicago that will take the whole group out on the waters for a unique experience. And if you don’t know how much can be accomplished on a luxury yacht you will be surprised to find out…

Corporate Yacht Charters in Chicago for Higher Productivity

Whether you are looking to do some team building or you need to work out a new business plan the unique atmosphere on a yacht has the power to infuse your team with great inspiration, which back at the office will translate into higher productivity. The combination of adventure, blue waters and fresh air brings out the best in all participants. This is simply an environment ideal for corporate events and we recommend corporate yacht charters in Chicago for:

  • Business meetings
  • Team building
  • Company parties
  • Entertaining new clients
  • Team rewards

There is so much you can do on a yacht and besides the wonderful feeling of sailing out of Burnham Harbor and then past many of Chicago’s most famous landmarks, this cruise offers a chance to leave the stress of regular life on shore to focus completely on the event on board. It is also possible to include a river cruise as part of the adventure and the yacht offers sleeping accommodations leaving you plenty of time for a flexible itinerary.

What’s Onboard?

When you are trying to impress new clients or cement team spirit you want to ensure that everyone who comes along will be comfortable. With our corporate yacht charters in Chicago you can count on a pleasant stay which is sure to include important features like good food and access to the technical equipment needed for meetings and entertainment.

Day and Overnight Cruises

Since the yacht allows for sleepovers we can arrange longer cruises where everyone gets a taste of life at sea. For businesses trying to get a lot done in a short time this is an excellent option and something that makes the entire staff count down the days to the event. Daily cruises are also very popular and definitely a good choice for lunch meetings and day events for the management and employees.

Because we know that you have your own ideas for your yacht outing, our corporate yacht events are highly flexible and we make sure to cater to your specific needs. This makes each cruise a unique experience. Contact us today and we will help you with your next luncheon, company party or other business activity on deck.

  • Corporate Parties
  • Staff Outings
  • Client Entertaining
  • Employee Appreciation

Looking for a place to impress your special client? Maybe you don’t want a large group of people for this occasion, just a select few to share in this event. Cruising along Chicago’s scenic lakefront with cocktails and an elegant dinner will surely be memorable. This is definitely the impressive meeting you are looking to provide.