Charter Clients Photo Sharing

Adeline’s Sea Moose has served as a celebration venue for a host of occasions, for rewarding employee, pampering our clients clients, helping close business deals, providing a unique meeting space, raising money for charitable causes, and to just relax, refresh, renew!

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We will be selecting shared photographs of our different Charter offerings to give you an idea how Adeline's Sea Moose and its crew can be of service.

Chicago's premier floating venue for

  • Celebrating Life
  • Birthdays and Graduations
  • Proposals, Weddings and Anniversary
  • Family and Friends Outings
  • Relax and Renew Escape
  • Vacation and Holiday Getaways
  • Rewarding Employees
  • Business Meetings and Presentations
  • Pampering Clients and Closing Deals
  • Raising Money for a Charitable Cause