Why Every Bucket List Should Include a Millennium Park Chicago Boat Tour

Why Every Bucket List Should Include a Millennium Park Chicago Boat Tour

If you live in Chicago, you’re probably very familiar with Millennium Park by now. But if you’re an out-of-towner or beginner wanderer, you’ll recognize Millennium Park as the one with the giant, metallic bean that you see on TV, in the movies, and on your adventurous friend’s Instagram page. Of course, the park is more than just the bean, but that’s what most people know it for.

Millennium Park is full of iconic architecture, incredible landscaping, art, and music. It’s right in downtown Chicago, so it makes sense that it’s one of the most popular destinations in the whole city. The only problem is that this also makes the 24.5-acre park one of the busiest locations on a sunny day.

If you’d rather avoid the crowds, you get tired quickly, you have physical limitations, or you simply want a viewpoint that everyone else isn’t getting, you’ll need another way to tour Millennium Park. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Here’s why you should add a Millennium Park tour aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose to your bucket list:

The bean

We know it’s silly, but there’s something so intriguing about that super shiny bean! It’s one of the most captured pieces of art in the country, and we feel strongly that you should add it to your collection, especially if you’re just getting started as a wanderer. If traveling in Chicago came with a bingo card, the bean would certainly be in one of the first boxes. And you’d get bonus points for capturing a picture of it reflecting the sunlight off of the water, too! A yacht tour is the perfect way to capture pictures of Millennium Park and all of the beautiful sights it has to offer without waiting in line or getting shoved out of the way.

The view

Of course, there’s something exciting about a relaxing stroll through Millennium Park, but if you go on a nice day, it can be anything but relaxing trying to make your way through the crowds. What’s even better than keeping your distance is that your Millennium Park yacht tour will offer you panoramic views that you couldn’t get from any angle while you’re standing in the park itself.

From the bean to the stunning architecture and the gliding Chicago skyline, everywhere you look, there’s something beautiful to see. If you plan your trip carefully, you can even watch the sunset over the park. This will make for the most unforgettable Millennium Park yacht tour and it’ll make even your most well-traveled friends green with envy!

The history

Our architectural docents will fill you in on all of the fun facts and historical tidbits that your excited heart can handle! You’ll learn about its beginning (did you know that the idea for Millennium Park originated in 1997 when the mayor wanted to create a beautiful public space for his residents?) and what it was before the park (did you know that it used to be a mess of railroad tracks?). You’ll also learn about some of the most distinctive pieces of art that Millennium Park has to offer, including the Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate (the bean!), and Crown Fountain.

The best part: you’ll do all of this without wiping yourself out, pushing through strangers, or hunting for a decent view. When you take your Millennium Park Yacht tour with Adeline’s Sea Moose, you’ll get to kick back on the deck, in a cozy entertainment area, or on any other spot among the four decks available – our incredible sound system will reach you wherever you want to sit, and the 360° views do all of the work for you!