5 ways to make sure everyone has fun at your event space for a non-profit in Chicago.

Non-profit events are all about coming together for a common cause. That’s why our Adeline’s Sea Moose captains and crew make sure everyone has an enjoyable time at the event.

But how do you go beyond the standard dinner and silent auction format? How can you ensure that your non-profit event stands out? Here are five unique ideas to make your next non-profit event one that no one will forget.

Take it Out on the Water

Take it out on the water. What better way to bring people together than on a private yacht charter? A boat party is a great way to enjoy the scenery and celebrate your cause in style. Plus, if you’re looking for an event space for non-profits in Chicago, Adeline’s Sea Moose offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan that will add something special to your event.

Get Creative with Catering

Get creative with catering. Don’t settle for boring catering options; get creative! Instead of just offering dinner and drinks, why not offer something unexpected like cupcakes or milkshakes? Themed non-profit events can be fun and open up patron pocketbooks. From Flapper events to ’50s Soda Shops, get creative with your event themes and the catering around it. Adeline’s Sea Moose works with personal yacht chefs, bartenders, and Chicago’s favorite bakeries to enhance your venue experience.

Make Your Non-profit Event Interactive

Make your non-profit event interactive. Rather than having everyone sit around talking, try making things interactive instead! Set up fun activities like karaoke or trivia games so that everyone can join in on the fun. Alternatively, you could also have blind taste-testing stations set up where attendees can make their own guesses of flavors found in unique cuisines.

Offer Entertainment

Offer entertainment. Having entertainment at a non-profit event helps keep things lively and engaging throughout the night (or day). Consider hiring magicians, DJs, jugglers—anything that can make your guests laugh or create memories they won’t soon forget!

Have Games

Games don’t just have to be for kids; adults love them too! Try setting up board games or video games so that people can interact with each other in a lighthearted way as they learn more about the cause behind your non-profit organization. If you can, try to focus the games specifically around the non-profit or your cause.

Contact Chicago Private Yacht Rentals for your next event space venue in Chicago.

Contact Chicago Private Yach Rentals for your next event space venue in Chicago. Whether you want something traditional or out of the box, there are plenty of ways to make sure your guests have fun at any non-profit event you host—and even more when you choose a unique venue like Adeline’s Sea Moose on Lake Michigan as your event space for non-profits in Chicago! By using these five tips, you’ll be sure to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends!