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Chicago Private Yacht Rentals

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals management and staff would like to introduce you to Adeline’s Sea Moose our well-appointed 68-foot luxury Chris Craft 45-passenger Coast Guard certified Chicago private charter yacht located at J-Dock Burnham Harbor Chicago and her attentive captains and crew that shall provide you and your guests a priceless, pampered, and private yachting experience.

You Will Not Be Disappointed

Our Adeline’s Sea Moose charters provide the opportunity to spend Priceless quality time together with your family, friends, colleagues, clients, or employees while being Pampered by an attentive crew and enjoying a Private yacht all to yourselves for a memorable Yachting Experience.

To provide you with an abundance of attention you will have a designated Chicago Private Yacht Rentals Personal Assistant attending to the details of your priceless, pampered, private yachting experience aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose.

Perfect Chicago Private Yacht Rentals and typical Chicago boat rental pairings with popular lakefront events

Our Chicago yacht rental pairing with Navy Pier Firework Shows, Chicago Air and Water Shows, and other Lakefront Events offers the room to entertain and enjoy the experience that a smaller Chicago boat rental can not. We do agree a Chicago boat rental can be enjoyable, However, our Adeline’s Sea Moose Chicago yacht rental will add to the memories you’ll have of a Chicago lakefront event with a Chicago Private Yacht Rentals priceless pampered private yachting experience.

Navy Pier Fall Fireworks Shows

Yacht rental Chicago style for pleasure or business!

We coined the phase yacht rental Chicago style to help distinguish the yachting experiences we offer from a boat rental Chicago style. Our yacht rental Chicago style provides, for pleasure or business, a 68-foot luxury Chris Craft twin-engine motor yacht, Adeline’s Sea Moose, as opposed to a boat rental Chicago style on a smaller vessel.

Our yacht rental Chicago style and a boat rental Chicago style for intimacy.  Depending on how creative you are,  either a yacht rental Chicago style or a boat rental Chicago style may serve you well. However, for the most intimate of occasions, our yacht rental Chicago style aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose provides the luxury of a private 68-foot yacht and pampering by her crew, where boat rental Chicago style may not.

Adeline's Sea Moose features