Scattering Ashes on Lake Michigan

Should you or someone you know be struggling with the difficult decision of what to do with the ashes of a Loved One, a celebration of their life scattering ashes ceremony on Lake Michigan may bring you some comfort.

Elegant & Peaceful – Our attended or unattended ash scattering ceremonies on Lake Michigan from the deck of a yacht are elegant ways to celebrate the life of your dearly departed with a peaceful farewell.

Affordable Alternative – Our ash-scattering ceremonies are a fraction of the cost of most funerals, burials, and after-ceremony luncheons.

Attended Ash Scattering Ceremonies – Attended ash scattering ceremonies provide a private setting for up to 45 attendees to celebrate the life of a Loved One in any manner that will bring comfort and peace.

Unattended Ash Scattering Ceremonies – With our Captain reading your fond farewell message, your Loved One’s ashes are gently scattered on Lake Michigan, and a framed certificate with the day, time, and coordinates will be mailed to you.

Video recording of ceremony available.
Ashes can be delivered or picked up for unattended ceremonies.

Scattering ashes on Lake Michigan is a Thoughtful Remembrance and Healing Experience.

Family and Friends Burial at Sea Memorial Services Voyage

For those families and friends wishing to plan the scattering of their Loved Ones’ ashes on Lake Michigan, our Memorial Services Voyage provides Adeline’s Sea Moose and her crew to serve you and up to 39 guests.

Our always respectful and attentive staff will help you plan every detail of this special memorial, including food and beverages, and will work closely with you to ensure your maritime memorial service meets your desires and is memorable for all.

Captain Ceremonial Burial at Sea Ash Scattering Services

For families and friends who can not attend a scattering of their Loved One’s ashes on Lake Michigan service, an Adeline’s Sea Moose captain will bring the cremated remains on the tranquil lake voyage for you and perform a dignified and documented Lake Michigan scattering of ashes, with that documentation provided to you.

While the Captain’s ceremonial Burial at Sea ash scattering service does not provide for the family or guests to accompany the vessel, specific requests, such as dates or times, special prayers, or simple ceremonies, are often available. Special planning, however, can add to service costs.

Is it legal for charter boats to scattering ashes on Lake Michigan?

First, is it legal to scatter ashes on Lake Michigan? Yes. Illinois state law permits scattering ashes on Lake Michigan. U.S. federal law requires that any ash scattering in water be performed at least three nautical miles from shore.

Second, Are charter boats for scattering ashes on Lake Michigan legal? Yes, if they have licensed captains and comply with Federal law, which includes using decomposable flowers and wreaths, specific notification requirements, ensuring that ashes are scattered at least three (3) nautical miles from shore, and others.

Why is Adeline’s Sea Moose considered the best boat to hire for scattering ashes in Chicago?

Chicago Private Yacht Yachts staff and Adeline’s Sea Moose captains and crew understand that grieving the loss of a loved one is different for everyone. You can take comfort in knowing that our ash scattering service on Lake Michigan will be a caring and respectful farewell and help the grieving process.

We welcome answering your questions and being of service.

For unattended Captain ceremonial Burial at Sea, you can bring your Loved One’s remains or have them delivered, with a signature required, to Chicago Private Yacht Rentals 4751 West Touhy Avenue, Suite 101, Lincolnwood, IL 60712.  When possible, Chicago Private Yacht Rentals will pick up the remains.

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