How far in advance should we book our charter?
As soon as you are positive about the date and time you are booking, BOOK IT. We cannot guarantee a date will be available without a deposit.

How many people does your yacht hold?
We are Coast Guard Certified to hold 45 passengers and that includes infants and children.

What is your typical cruising route?
Upon leaving Burnham Harbor we head north towards Navy Pier going past the planetarium, shed aquarium just after viewing the Museum Campus area. Then were on to Chicago’s Famous Skyline, Buckingham Fountain and after a brief pause to see the fountain we will head further North towards North Avenue Beach passing navy pier and go through Chicago famous “play pen” and turn back towards Burnham Harbor. If you would like to do a river cruise there would be an extra fee and you would have to let us know prior to booking.

What is your cancellation policy?
The payment is forfeited should the client, for any reason, decide to cancel. Number of passengers cannot be decreased, however, number of passengers can be increased at an additional charge. IF the yacht is unable to depart the dock due to weather and/or lake conditions the event will proceed at the dock. Weather condition options to be determined by the captain of Adeline’s Sea Moose.

What kind of Bathrooms do you have?
If it were a home it would be a two and a half bath house, for a boat their relatively good sized. Note; since being on a yacht please conserve water when using them and on all sleep aboard stays an additional charge for empting the holding tank. no extra charges apply in regards to empting the holding tank for short term hourly charters or trips.

Is there certain hours that we can schedule a cruise during a vacation or overnight stay?
No, with advance notice a coast guard certified captain can be provided 24 hours a day.

Do you supply linens, blankets and towels?
Yes, we supply the linens and blankets but you should bring your own towels. Note; we can supply towels with advanced notice but it would be an additional charge of $15.00 each. Please note that the staterooms are reserved for over night guests or charter guests at an additional charge.

Do you require a security deposit?
Yes, several kinds of deposits are required depending on how and for what reason you want to use the yacht. A deposit is required at time of booking to hold the time and date.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
Yes, for overnight stays, vacations or weekend getaways (there may be limitations), and No for all other larger occasions, events or cruises. Liquor license laws prohibit this.

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