Believing in the potential and power of philanthropy!

Encouraging and engaging others in collectively making a difference.


I feel philanthropy is more than simply giving money; it also encompasses a mindset of generosity, empathy, and a commitment to making a difference.

Acknowledging individual philanthropy is impactful, and being respectful of the organizations you are already contributing to, I’m still hopeful I can engage you to consider supporting the charitable causes that my companies, Chicago Private Yacht Rentals and URB, inc., are collectively involved in.

Brian Urbanowski
Chicago Private Yacht Rentals

Philanthropy Charitable Charters

There are two Charitable Charters categories

The first is a 100% donation of Adeline’s Sea Moose captains, crew, operational, and loss of revenue costs.

The second is a charter reduction for qualified charitable organizations. Learn more

Charitable Charters Organizations to date

Growing Healthy Veterans
Inner Voice
Liddy House
Sunshine Kids
United Relief Foundation

100% Donation Designated Charterable Charters for 2024

Inner Voice Chicago – Affordable housing and support services, training, and employment programs designed to help individuals and families, including veterans.

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals and URB, inc. Charitable Charter engagements
• Inner Voice 40th Anniversary We Care On Purpose fundraising cruise in June
• Ongoing We Care On Purpose fundraising raffle for Adeline’s Sea Moose charter in September (Details are being finalized for public announcement)

United Relief Foundation – Humanitarian aid and housing for men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.
• Veterans in need awareness and fundraising cruise to be determined

Inner Voice Chicago and United Relief Foundation are 501(c)(3) organizations. Your tax-deductible donation would be made directly to either organization and would help make a difference to their respective causes.

Learn more about Inner Voice Chicago
Learn more about United Relief Foundation

URB inc Chicago Connecting with Charitable Causes

URB, inc.’s philanthropic activities also include supporting health and wellbeing efforts and projects for veterans.
Learn more