Your own private yacht, docent, and Chicago Skyline Architecture Tour

Chicago is home to some of the most breathtaking buildings in North America. Our Chicago Skyline Architecture Tour provides a unique viewing perspective and pampered, private yachting experience as a docent explains the history of the City’s magnificent structures. 

Chicago Skyline Architecture Tours Charters
Chicago Skyline Architecture Tours Charters with Docent

Chicago Skyline Architecture Tour along the shoreline and riverfront.

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals arranges for a knowledgeable docent (guide) to provide you and your guests with an entertaining narrative of Chicago’s numerous architectural styles and the stories of the legendary figures who designed and built the city.

The unique perspective,  unobstructed views, elimination of the crowding of vessels navigating the river, and the open space of Lake Michigan help make our shoreline Chicago Skyline  Architecture Tours popular even for Adeline’s Sea Moose Chicagoan passengers.