Party boat yachts for rent in Chicago

Our party boat yachts for rent – We’ll take you on a Chicago party yacht charter of a lifetime! You’re about to embark on a Private Chicago yacht party boat experience unlike any other… and best of all it’s absolutely fun-filled!

Boat rental Chicago with captain

Adeline’s boat rental Chicago with captain can offer the combination of luxury and versatility that is provided by this yacht. She combines the traditional charm, comfort, and discreet service of a bygone era, with the luxury, technology, and facilities of the modern age.

What is a synonym for party boat yachts for rent in Chicago? It is Chicago Private Yacht Rentals providing the best birthday party boat rentals in Chicago.

Offering the best birthday party boat rentals in Chicago

At 68 feet in length with four decks and yacht amenities, our Adeline’s Sea Moose is at the top of the best birthday party boat rentals in Chicago list.

Providing private pampered birthday celebration yachting experiences for up to 45 guests helps keep Adeline’s Sea Moose on the list of the best party boat rentals in Chicago.

Planning for the best Chicago boat rental for birthday party

Adeline’s Sea Moose hosts private events, so you and your guests will not be bothered by strangers, allowing for an exclusive, memorable, and best Chicago boat rental for birthday party ever.

To offer the best Chicago boat rental for birthday party simply communicate your vision and expectations and we will work to ensure to provide a birthday celebration will treat you and your guests to a fun and memorable party yacht experience.

Living Life with a private party boat rental Chicago

This beautiful private party boat rental Chicago on our 68 ft and is a prized vintage jewel yacht, with its masterful blend of power and grace it virtually glides you thru the water.

Slipping out of your shoes and onto her deck getting ready for the party, you’ll quickly realize there is something uniquely different about this party boat charter. With the greeting and the handshake of the Captain to the warm smiles of the gracious crew, you’ll immediately start to decompress and relax knowing you’re in exceptional hands and headed for an incredible evening of partying with all your friends and family

Ideal Chicago boat rental large group

Adeline’s Sea Moose offers an outstanding Chicago boat rental large group both on deck and below within her interior. It is easy to understand the popularity of the delightful aft deck salon with a wet bar, be it for an open-air party cruise or merely for the possibility of an in harbor boat party rental. Above, the flybridge offers a large seating or lounging area. Here guests can enjoy the sun, cool drinks, or gather for a sunset cocktail as a prelude to dinner.

Adeline’s Sea Moose party yacht for rent is the ideal choice for couples, groups of friends or families, who appreciate the value and want to have a uniquely memorable party boat experience that surpasses having it at even the finest of Chicago hotels, halls, or any other place around town.

Luxury yacht party Chicago to offer the best Party Boat For Rent

When you’re looking for a luxury yacht party Chicago and want to have a special Chicago yacht party with some of your family and friends it’s Adeline’s Sea Moose.

An Adeline’s Sea Moose luxury yacht party Chicago charter gives you the opportunity to invite 40 of your family or friends to have a party onboard “your” 68-foot private floating party yachts playground for food, drink, merriment, and what surely will be an unforgettable great experience for all. After the party… why let the party end and have to leave, for an additional fee you and several other guests can spend the night and have breakfast in the morning aboard this luxury yacht, no other luxury yacht party Chicago rental offers this type of service and experience.