Most people have no idea what it costs to rent a yacht in Chicago. But whatever you do.

When it comes to renting a yacht in Chicago prices, make sure the yacht is fully licensed with a current COI. And for you Landlubbers, that’s a “Certificate of Inspection” from the US Coast Guard if you’re planning on cruising here in Chicago. If not your party on the water might get canceled on short notice or end abruptly with a bad ending having the Coast Guard sending you home and wrecking your event. Be smart and check it out first, not all boat and yacht rentals are created equal.

Cost prices to rent a yacht in Chicago

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Chicago?

With a city as big as Chicago there are not that many options available to us. On Navy Pier, you have the larger cruise boats like the Odyssey, Anita Dee, Mystic Blue, and Spirit of Chicago. With those boats, they’re expensive, informal, too large and come with big crowds. You’ll have to share them with a bunch of people that you don’t know or want to know all at the same time. Definitely not a private yacht experience.

After that, there are only about 6 or 7 other LICENSED yachts and most of those have been gutted to look like floating banquette halls which really takes away from the private yachting experience that you’re looking for.

Then there’s our Adeline’s Sea Moose a 68-foot luxury Chris Craft 45-passenger Coast Gaurd certified yacht that provides priceless private pampered yacht rental in Chicago for a memorable yachting experience.

Like any type of party or event – You can spend a little or a lot

1) Size of the yacht. Small boat, big boat, small yacht or a larger yacht. ( Chicago doesn’t have any Mega yacht rentals for hire).

2) Condition of the yacht. Some Chicago yachts rentals are run down and only a couple of them are pretty nicely maintained ( you should go and see them first).

3) How much time will you need the yacht or boat rental ? We have a min. of 3 hours but the longer you rent it the less per hour it costs on average

4) How many people will you want to have aboard? This charter yacht below is certified and can comfortably hold up to 45 passengers if need be.

5) What kind of food and drinks do you want to serve your guests? We deal with the finest restaurants in Chicago for catering or we can do sub-sandwiches, pizza, and anything in between from anywhere you want.

6) What kind of service do you want to provide for your guests. More or less crew means better service. First-class service and attention to detail come from first-rate servers and bartenders.

7) Where would you like the boat to go? Across Lake Michigan, some Chicago lakefront site seeing, a river cruise, or a trip to Milwaukee with overnight accommodations aboard

Do weekends cost more than weekdays?

Which day of the week is also important. During the day on a Monday is less expensive than the 4th of July, Air and Water show, etc.

Throwing private yacht parties and events on a yacht is like having a party on land. You can either dress it up or dress it down. From a black-tie event with all the bells and whistles or dress it down with a small group of friends in jeans for casual cruising

Here at Chicago Private Yacht Rentals, our Charter prices vary and we would be happy to give you a free quote and discuss how we can meet or exceed your needs at the lowest possible rates.