Hosting High Level Meetings Corporate Yacht Charters

A private and productive environment for Hosting High Level Meetings

Corporate executives are discovering that luxury yacht charters are unparalleled to impress clients, influence prospects, and inspire employees by hosting meetings in a private and productive environment away from office distractions.

Corporate dockside and cruise private luxury yacht charters are the antidotes for ‘just another boring meeting’ —sharpening everyone’s attention in exclusive surroundings with the bonus option to unwind and relax.

Our corporate yacht charters for hosting high level meetings deliver an extraordinary venue and exceptional service at a great value for making and closing deals, showing your clients an unmatched level of appreciation, and rewarding your employees with WOW!

Hosting High Level Meetings Dockside

Without leaving the dock, our Adeline’s Sea Moose provides a unique, impressive private venue, and at 68-feet with well-appointed amenities, there is plenty of room to roam, places to gather, and accommodations to make your time aboard a considerable success.