Non Profit Events
Yacht Charters

Adeline’s Sea Moose provides not for profit events with the perfect private venue and attentive pampering crew to help charity strengthen relationships with their present donors and persuade prospective donors.

Non-profit leaders can use our evening charters to get several hours of uninterrupted face time while entertaining those important guests. And, with plenty of room to roam around and several gathering areas offer you many opportunities to make impactful connections with your donor base.

Fundraising Events Yacht Charters

Chicago Private Yachts Rentals Fundraising Events Yacht Charters

Unique yacht rental in Chicago for Not for Profit fundraising events

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals staff and Adeline’s Sea Moose captains and crew are all about providing an abundance of personal attention and pampering to help ensure an unforgettable experience that can ultimately result in increased contributions, now and in the future.

Dockside Fundraising Yacht Charters

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals Fundraising Events Yacht Charters Dockside

A yacht rental in Chicago to raise money without leaving the dock

Dockside Charter for an Event or Raffle – Adeline’s Sea Moose provides the privacy and space to host refreshingly intimate fundraising and networking events for up to 45 of your donors. Wi-Fi and yacht-wide sound system provided.