Your priceless private yacht dining experience starts with the warm welcome you and your guests receive when boarding Adeline’s Sea Moose.

As the Captain gets the cruise underway, you and your guests can make yourself comfortable, enjoying the view from the spacious bow seating area while being served drinks and hors d’oeuvres by an attentive crew.

Whether it’s a table seated dinner for two or twelve or a buffet-style setting for up to 45, the Chicago skyline provides a spectacular backdrop as the crew pours the wine or champagne and serves the cuisine prepared by a private chef chosen for the occasion.

After enjoying your meal and dessert, the pampering continues with the crew serving coffee, tea, and drinks as you and your guest enjoy Adeline’s amenities and views.

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals private dining charters

Our Private Yacht Dining Chefs

The private chefs onboard Adeline’s Sea Moose offer meticulously prepared 4-course, 5-course, and 6-course meals that are complemented by your high-end wine and champagne choices.

You are in charge of your dining wishes, and we coordinate the preparation and presentation to perfection. Our private, pampered approach to dining aboard our luxury 68-foot Chris Craft yacht enables us to treat your and your guests to a priceless dining experience.

Your Private Yacht Dining Cruise

Adeline’s Sea Moose is a vibrant yachting experience, and our dinner parties will excite, refresh, and soothe in equal measure.  Whether you’re looking for a simple luxury yacht dinner cruise along the Chicago skyline or want an ultimate, elaborate dining event – we can help by providing a perfect private yacht dining experience that exudes elegant simplicity with style!

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals Private Yacht Dining Cruise

Dinner party cruises on a private yacht

Our Chicago dinner party cruises on a private yacht continue to trend in excellence and experience, creating many enduring memories. Enjoy one of our decadent sunset dinner cruises along Chicago’s lakefront, or you can feel the intimacy and the privacy of cruising down the Chicago River under the huge soaring cliffs of some of the tallest buildings in the world!

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals staff and Adeline’s Sea Moose crew can accommodate practically any request, like providing everything needed for an enjoyable game of Jeopardy after serving a delicious dinner while cruising on Lake Michigan.

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The best private Navy Pier fireworks dinner cruises in Chicago

Navy Pier fireworks displays are legendary. Watching them from the Adeline’s Sea Moose makes them unforgettable and for the best private Navy Pier Fireworks dinner cruises in Chicago.

You and your guests will embark on a luxury 68-foot Chris Craft yacht, savor a delicious meal served by an attentive crew, and enjoy the fabulous views for a truly priceless and pampering experience of the best private Navy Pier Fireworks dinner cruises in Chicago.