Unique Meeting Space Rental in Chicago

Privately Unique Meeting Space Rental in Chicago aboard our Adeline’s Sea Moose

Privately unique meeting space rental in Chicago can be hard to find. But, that’s why those discreet meeting rooms are unique in the first place. Do you need a Chicago meeting space that ensures no disruption? Are you discussing annual agendas, or business moves that require the utmost privacy?

Adeline’s Sea Moose offers one of the most unique meeting space rentals in Chicago. With discreet privacy and an assurance that you won’t be distracted from outside calls, people who just “pop in” or the typical office distractions you can get things done.

Why is our yacht the ideal meeting space rental in Chicago?

Why is a yacht the ideal meeting space rental in Chicago? Renting a Lake Michigan yacht as your personal meeting space offers the privacy most meetings would flourish under if they had it. Just think about the location for a moment. Cruising along Lake Michigan prevents or significantly limits the ability for anyone to contact you regarding home or work-related matters. You won’t have anyone step into the conference room to ask a “quick” question, nor will you have to step out to handle “emergencies.”

One consideration that many people don’t readily recognize until they have been on a yacht cruise business meeting is the creativity that is stoked. Fresh air, a cool breeze, and the lovely Chicago skyline provide an atmosphere that embraces creativity. The feeling of a cruise and the lapping of waves against the bow are reminiscent of sailing the Caribbean. This promotes your mind to be free of constraints that would otherwise limit your thinking skills, cooperation and thought process.

And let’s face it, who goes on a cruise without a smile? Smiling in itself and positive energy are excellent at tapping into imaginative outside-the-box thinking.

Does a Lake Michigan yacht meeting room offer other amenities?

Does a Lake Michigan yacht meeting room offer other amenities? Just like any other meeting space rental in Chicago, a yacht provides the essentials such as a bathroom and meeting space… and a bit more.

Your luxury business meeting room on a yacht can offer customized menus cooked by a personal chef. If drinks are on the table, we work with Chicago’s favorite mixologists to develop personalized cocktail menus in our full wet bar. And if you need a table of sugary baked goods throughout the day Adeline’s Sea Moose works with the best bakeries in Chicago.

Adeline’s Sea Moose offers several decks with indoor and outdoor options, as well as a personal attendant to keep your drinks topped off, serve your meals, and help to ensure you keep your mind focused on the task at hand while enjoying one of the best views in the Midwest.

What other corporate events can I schedule a yacht for in Chicago? What other corporate events can I schedule a yacht for in Chicago? Finding a unique and private meeting space in Chicago that offers distraction free privacy and promotes creative thinking is a

rarity. But as you can imagine a cruise on Lake Michigan can provide much more to your business and corporate events than just your companies favorite meeting room rental.

Adeline’s Sea Moose offers personalized customization to provide a venue for all of your corporate events. Some of the most common business events that we offer include:

· Annual end-of-year celebrations for corporate leadership and employees

· Celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries

· Holiday parties and special occasions

· Fund-raising events for non-profit organizations

· Team building events to improve communication, cooperation, and employee morale

· Lunch meetings for new clients or employees

While this is the short-list of corporate events you can rent a yacht for on Lake Michigan, Adeline’s Sea Moose can, and has, provided much more.

Contact Adeline’s Sea Moose to schedule your team building cruise Contact Adeline’s Sea Moose to schedule your team building cruise. Adeline’s Sea Moose is a private yacht rental on Lake Michigan. The Sea Moose specializes in personalizing your Lake Michigan cruise experience. We offer an array of cruising options for family and friend outings, celebrations, social excursions, corporate and business functions, and other special occasions.

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