Special ideas for scattering ashes

Special ideas for scattering ashes on Lake Michigan

Special ideas for scattering ashes on Lake Michigan

If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to honor the memory of your beloved, consider renting Adeline’s Sea Moose for a ceremony to scatter their ashes in Lake Michigan.

The Sea Moose offers a luxurious yacht experience with unparalleled views of the magnificent Chicago skyline. You can set sail on the serene waters of Lake Michigan and pay tribute to your loved one with a beautiful ceremony amongst calm breezes and sunset hues. Leave the cares of everyday life behind you as you embark on this special journey amid a breathtaking backdrop that will ensure that your loved one is forever honored and remembered.

Can I legally scatter ashes on Lake Michigan?

Can I legally scatter ashes on Lake Michigan? Scattering the ashes of a beloved family member or friend on Lake Michigan from a yacht can be an incredibly moving and special experience, allowing you to bid your final farewell in earnest.

However, many people don’t realize that they are legally permitted to scatter a loved one’s ashes. Adeline’s Sea Moose offers a farewell ceremony with stunning views, and vast expanses of open water to choose from upon disembarking.

But as with everything, it is important to understand the safety and precautions that must be taken to ensure an enjoyable farewell as you, your friends and family, share time with a lost loved one. It truly is an invaluable memory for all involved.

A Chicago Private Yacht Charters ceremony is a memorable experience

Ideas for scattering ashes for a memorable experience

Scattering ashes from our Adeline’s Sea Moose on Lake Michigan is an experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll be able to create lasting memories with your family and friends, and you’ll also be able to take in the beauty of your surroundings. Learn more about our Scattering Ashes services on Lake Michigan.

The requirements to scatter ashes in Chicago’s Lake Michigan

The requirements to scatter ashes in Chicago’s Lake Michigan. Scattering ashes in Lake Michigan in Chicago is regulated by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC). According to their rules, it is necessary to obtain a permit in order to scatter ashes within the jurisdiction of the MWRDGC. Additionally, here are some guidelines for scattering ashes:

  • Ashes must be scattered from a boat or pier that is more than 50 feet away from any swimming area or beach.
  • All remains must be completely dispersed and cannot be visible from either above or below the surface of the water.
  • Artificial flowers and other decorations may not be placed in the lake at any time.
  • Ashes should never exceed five gallons per vessel per day, as this could damage nearby habitats or water conditions.
  • Dispersal of ashes should take place during daylight hours only, between sunrise and sunset.

5 reasons to rent a yacht and scatter your loved one’s ashes

When a close relative or friend passes, our thoughts often turn to reflection, admiration, and a send-off that is truly worth the value of their life. And the use of seas, oceans, and lakes have long stood the final good byes of tradition.

Here are five reasons to rent Adeline’s Sea Moose for your most memorable celebration of life.

Scattering ashes on Lake Michigan is unique

If you’re looking for a unique way to scatter your loved one’s ashes, then renting a yacht is a great option. You’ll be able to scatter the ashes in a beautiful setting, and you’ll also be able to spend a private and reflective time on the water with family and friends.

You can customize the experience

When you rent a yacht to scatter ashes, you’ll be able to customize the experience to suit your needs. You can choose the route that you take, the length of time that you spend on the water, and even further celebrations such as dining and cocktail menus, pastries, and décor chosen to best represent your loved one.

Renting a yacht to scatter ashes is affordable

Compared to the cost of a funeral and burial in a cemetery, a yacht rental to scatter ashes in Lake Michigan is affordable. Additionally, it provides a discreet and uninterrupted ceremony like none other, with everything in the same location.

Enjoy an annual reflection yacht rental every anniversary

Many people who scatter ashes on a yacht in Lake Michigan gather annually to reflect on the passing of loved ones. Taking an annual cruise on Adeline’s Sea Moose is a great way to bring family and friends together. Catch up, reflect on those who passed, and create memories.

Contact Chicago Private Yacht Rentals to schedule an ash scattering ceremony on Lake Michigan for your loved one

Contact Adeline’s Sea Moose to schedule an ash scattering ceremony in Lake Michigan for your loved one.

Adeline’s Sea Moose is a Coast Guard certified 68’, 45-person, luxury yacht on J-Dock in Chicago’s Burnham Harbor. With four decks, and an attentive crew and captain it is our goal to ensure your farewell is a memorable one. From dining to drinks, décor to the ceremony your Chicago Private Yacht Rentals personal assistant and Adeline’s Sea Moose crew are here to extend warmth and a memorable experience.