Choose a Yacht for Your Next Event

Here’s Why You Should Choose a Yacht for Your Next Event Venue

A yacht is a perfect venue for any special occasion, from conferences to weddings. When it comes to choosing a venue, many people opt for a Chicago hotel conference room; however, there are several benefits that come with choosing a yacht instead.

Our Adeline’s Sea Moose – a 68-foot, 45-passenger yacht – is the ideal place for an unforgettable experience in Chicago, and here are four reasons why.

Breathtaking views of Chicago

One of the biggest advantages of using a yacht as your event venue is the breathtaking views of Chicago that you can’t get anywhere else. Aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose, guests can enjoy ever-changing views of the Chicago skyline while they make memories that will last a lifetime. The large windows and outdoor decks create an atmosphere like no other. Whether you’re attending a meeting or celebrating with friends and family, you can admire the beauty of the city from all angles.


Another great benefit of organizing your event on board Adeline’s Sea Moose is its ability to offer complete privacy. Yachts provide unparalleled privacy for events such as corporate retreats or family reunions – something that may not be available at hotels or other venues. As there are no other people around to disturb your event, your guests will feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout your time aboard the vessel.

World-class amenities

Having an event on board Adeline’s Sea Moose also means having access to world-class amenities and services that would not be available at many other venues. From yacht chefs and a bartender, and bakery catering to custom entertainment packages, everything you need for an exciting and memorable evening is right there onboard! Make use of the spacious decking area where you can chat with colleagues or enjoy drinks with friends under the stars. With plenty of luxury features and extras, Adeline’s Sea Moose offers unbeatable experiences in spectacular settings – perfect for any kind of celebration!

A Hassle-free experience

Finally, renting out Adeline’s Sea Moose eliminates many organizational hassles present when organizing events at Chicago hotel conference rooms or other public locations. There’s no need to worry about finding extra seating or setting up chairs; everything you need is already on board! From decorations to food and entertainment – all these details are taken care of by your event coordinator so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your time aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose!

Contact Adeline’s Sea Moose because Chicago hotel conference rooms are boring!

Contact Chicago Private Yacht Rentals because Chicago hotel conference rooms are boring. If you’re looking for an unforgettable venue in Chicago then look no further than Adeline’s Sea Moose! With ever-changing views of the beautiful city skyline along with complete privacy and world-class amenities and services – this 68-footer sure does deliver! Enjoy all these perks without having to worry about extra seating arrangements, service, or entertainment – it really doesn’t get better than this!