5 Yacht Party Themes That Will Wow Your Guests

5 Yacht Party Themes That Will Wow Your Guests

Looking for an excuse to get together and socialize, consider yacht party themes for an upcoming Chicago Private yacht charter.

The good thing is that you’ve come to the right article to help you plan it. Detailed below are five key yacht party themes you should know about.

You’re not alone in seeing the value and potential fun of chartering a yacht for your event. In 2019 alone, the global yacht charter market was worth $6.5 billion in revenue.

Still, that means you need to be intentional about making your yacht party an unforgettable one. Whether it’s a corporate, family, celebratory event, keep reading to make sure it’s the best it can be.

1. Blast from the Past

What’s your favorite decade from the 1900s? Do you think your guests will enjoy the 50s, 70s, or 80s the most? The first great idea for your yacht party theme is choosing a decade from the past and decorating accordingly.

Not only is this a great idea to transport the party itself into the past. Also, your guests will love the opportunity to dress the part!

This is true, in particular, if you choose a themed decade in recent enough times that some of the party guests have actually lived through. Remember, retro never goes out of style!

2. Pick a Color, Any Color

Perhaps you’re looking for a more simplified way to decorate your chartered yacht. For something both elegant and easy to manage, consider theming your event with a specific color. Whether red, purple, blue, or even white and black, colors can be themes, too!

You may have heard of the elegant “white” parties that have been thrown on yachts before. You can choose any color, though, based on what the celebration is about. If it’s someone’s birthday party, for instance, you can theme the party based on his or her favorite color.

Start gathering materials like flowers, tablecloths, and maybe hanging decorations to suit the color of your choice. When you sound invitations, let everyone know about the themed color so they can wear something in sync with it.

For more inspiration, check out the best yacht party decor ideas available on Pinterest. Doing so could help you find some ideal ways to make your themed color really pop while everyone is enjoying themselves.

3. Ocean Creatures and the World of Atlantis

Why not lean into the nautical experience by throwing an ocean-based party on your chartered yacht? The great thing about this yacht party theme is that it’s ideal for all kinds of events. Whether this is a family-based event or a big party with your close friends, everyone can enjoy ocean-based decorations and costumes.

Everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the mysterious tale of Atlantis, too. This can add another fun layer to your yacht party.

Atlantis was supposed to be magical; a glorious city swept into the ocean out of nowhere. There are many theories about the actual cause of the disappearance, which makes this theme so fun! Plus, pop culture has used the mystery of Atlantis in many ways to add to storylines in movies, television, and books.

Dressing according to the ocean itself and the mystery of Atlantis can involve a variety of aesthetics. If people want to dress up as their favorite ocean creature, so be it.

Also, though, they can appeal to the glamour of the ritzy nature of Atlantis. Think about beautiful sculptures and majestic nautical paintings on the walls as possible decor.

4. A Family-Friendly Princes and Princesses Theme

It’s understandable if you’re looking for a yacht party theme that is more suitable for children who will be guests at the event. This is of the particular value of family-centered events or celebrations.

Consider throwing your party for everyone as if they’re kings, queens, princes, and princesses! That way, everyone can dress to the nines and really enjoy the luxury of enjoying a yachting experience.

Browse through our yacht party picture gallery to see what you can expect at your event. You’ll find that the theme of royalty itself will fit right in onboard a modern luxury yacht you can charter.

5. Life Is Like a Movie

Another party theme that is both classic and classy is that of Hollywood itself. There are plenty of old cinema decorations you can get your hands on. Think old-fashioned movie reels, black and white photos of famous actors and actresses, and maybe even a traditional popcorn stand!

Tell everyone invited that the timeless Hollywood scene is the theme of your yacht event, and everyone will love it. Another great idea with this party theme is to include a photo booth with many different props to pose with. That way, everyone can snap pictures with their friends to ensure your yacht party is one they’ll never forget.

Make the Most of the Above Yacht Party Themes

As mentioned above, it’s up to you to ensure this event or celebration is a memorable one for all of your guests. No matter which yacht party themes you enjoy, it’ll be up to you to put in the time and effort to plan well.

In fact, that’s where our team of dedicated yacht experts can come in handy. Our top-notch crew and service team can be on hand to help the event go smoothly.

For that reason, we encourage you to reach out to our staff today about chartering your ultimate yachting experience. To start, check out more details about our private yacht crew, services, and features.