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9 Lake Michigan facts to ponder while you enjoy your Chicago lunch cruise.

Lake Michigan is so expansive that many people refer to it as an inland sea. And the shores of Lake Michigan – festive with parks and sand beaches – can easily be mistaken for having ocean views.

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One of the most common questions we get from our private cruise guests is, What can you tell me about Lake Michigan that I don’t already know? It’s true, we have a lot of lakeside aficionados in the Windy City. So, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with facts you don’t already know. But we’ll give it a try with some of our favorite Lake Michigan facts to ponder while you enjoy your Chicago lunch cruise.

Known as “The Third Coast”

Known as “The Third Coast.” We touched on this earlier, but Lake Michigan has so many beaches and so much coast line that it is often referred to as “The Third Coast” after the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. How big is Lake Michigan? Lake Michigan’s average depth is 279 feet, with a maximum depth of 923 feet. It is the sixth largest freshwater lake in the world with 22, 040 square miles of surface area.

Lake Michigan is Bigger than You know

Lake Michigan is Bigger than You know

Lake Michigan is bigger than you know. Technically, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are the same lake. Additionally, Lake Michigan forms a link in a waterway system that reaches east to the Atlantic Ocean through the St. Lawrence Seaway and south through the Chicago River Locks, into the Mississippi River and down to the Gulf of Mexico. Despite Lake Michigan’s massive stretch, figures for the size of the lake stay within its four surrounding states.

The Only Great Lake Entirely in the United States

The Only Great Lake entirely in the United States. Lake Michigan is one of five great lakes. However, most people don’t realize that the four other great lakes: Superior, Erie, Huron, and Ontario share a coast line with Canada. Lake Michigan is land-locked by Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Lake Michigan is Home to the Largest Freshwater Sand Dunes in the World

Lake Michigan is home to the largest freshwater sand dunes in the world. When people think of the Great Lakes, they don’t often think of sand dunes. However, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and other neighboring sand dunes along Michigan’s western coast make up the world’s largest collection of freshwater sand dunes. The largest sand dune is located at Sleeping Bear and is about 450 feet above the Lake Michigan shore.

The Lake Michigan Triangle

Most people are aware of the Bermuda Triangle. But Lake Michigan has its own triangle rivaling that of Bermuda. Many believe that a Stone Henge type of rock collection under the waters north of Traverse City has something to do with the strange phenomena in the area. Unexplained ships disappearances and missing aircraft are only two types of curious events that are common in the area.

Lake Michigan has a Lot of Crashes and Sinkings… A lot.

Lake Michigan has a lot of crashes and sinkings… A lot. While not all attributed to the Lake Michigan triangle, it is estimated that at least 500 air planes and over 3,000 ships have gone down in Lake Michigan. As many as 300 of the crashed airplanes can be attributed to war exercises in World War II. Though, hundreds of the crashes and sinkings are unexplained.

Lake Michigan is Known for Preservation and Fishing

Lake Michigan is known for preservation and fishing. Due to frigid temperatures much of the year, Lake Michigan is home to a surprisingly small amount of marine life. And with a limited amount of marine life, frigid temperatures, and depth, that also means that many of Lake Michigan’s sunken ships and crashed planes are well preserved within its depths. In fact, Lake Michigan is so well at preserving that furniture, books and even human remains can be found relatively untouched. Despite Lake Michigan’s limited marine life, it is still where 43% of the fishing occurs between the five great lakes.

4% of the United States Population Lives Along Lake Michigan

4% of the United States population lives along Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is large in surface area, depth, and reach. But did you know that 12-million people live along the shores of Lake Michigan? That is the population of Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia combined.

Surfing is a Thing on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is popular among surfers hailing in the Midwest, and even the outer coasts. Most surfing swells range between four and ten feet. But as storms come in, many adventure seekers look to waves that get as high as twenty feet and sometimes more. While waves in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean are formed mostly from underwater currents it is a little different in Lake Michigan. When storm fronts move across Lake Michigan the air pressure changes, forcing strong downburst of wind that form the waves.

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