Choosing the Perfect Non Profit Event Venue in Chicago

Choosing the perfect non profit event venue in Chicago

Choosing the perfect non-profit event venue in Chicago can be a daunting task. However, one unique option that is often overlooked is chartering a yacht. A yacht offers an immersive experience that cannot be found in other venues. Yachts provide plenty of room for guests while offering unparalleled views of the city and the water surrounding it.

Adeline’s Sea Moose is a private yacht charter in Downtown Chicago that specializes in the customization of events such as non-profit fundraisers.

Here are a few tips when looking for a non-profit event venue for rent in Chicago.

A yacht charter for non-profits in Chicago

The first step when considering a yacht charter for non-profits in Chicago is to choose the right one. Adeline’s Sea Moose is a 68-foot, 45-passenger yacht that specifically caters to non-profit events in Chicago. It provides all the amenities you would expect from a luxury vessel including a private chef, a wet bar with a bartender, and works with Chicago’s best bakeries. This type of environment allows for smaller group events or even large fundraisers in an intimate setting on the lakefront of Lake Michigan.

Downtown Accessibility

When choosing any event venue, it is important to consider downtown accessibility for your guests. Adeline’s Sea Moose is located in Burnham Harbor, provides easy access from downtown public transportation hubs, and can easily accommodate parking if needed by your guests. Additionally, if desired, Adeline’s Sea Moose offers additional services such as guided tours and education about local landmarks which further enhances the experience of guests at your event.


Another key factor when selecting an event venue is cost efficiency and making sure that expenses are kept low while still providing quality experiences for attendees. Whether you consider the cost of time or specific costs, the Sea Moose provides a venue that gives you more bang for your buck. From an already cost-effective non-profit meeting space to inspiring views that creates an exciting atmosphere prone to higher-than-average fundraising, the Sea Moose provides a cost-effective event venue in Chicago.

A comfortable staff

Finally, when selecting an event venue, it’s important to make sure you are comfortable with the staff and personnel associated with the venue site you have chosen as they will play an integral role in ensuring your success during your event day. Adeline’s Sea Moose prides itself on having experienced crew members who will ensure all safety requirements are met while maintaining professionalism throughout their service during each event hosted on the Sea Moose. This level of customer service helps guarantee that all events held aboard this luxurious yacht will run smoothly – an area often not considered at other venues.

Contact Chicago Private Yacht Rentals for your next yacht charter for non-profits in Chicago.

Contact Chicago Private Yacht Rentals for your next yacht charter for non-profits in Chicago. When choosing an event venue for your non-profit organization’s event, there are several things to consider such as capacity limits, fees associated with renting a space, and accessibility accommodations for both yourself and your guests alike – but don’t forget about the actual venue space! Adeline’s Sea Moose offers unparalleled views of Lake Michigan along with experienced crew members and captain who are dedicated customer service professionals ready to ensure that events held aboard this magnificent vessel run flawlessly each time! So why not make chartering Adeline’s Sea Moose part of your next big non-profit fundraising or social gathering?!