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Five Things Unconventional Uses for your Outdoor Rental Space in Chicago on a Yacht

Are you in need of an outdoor rental space in Chicago? Adeline’s Sea Moose is the premier unique outdoor venue in Chicago. Located at J-Dock in Burnham Harbor, our Adeline’s Sea Moose is a 68-foot luxury Chris Craft, 45-passenger yacht on Lake Michigan. With an attentive captain and crew, Adeline’s Sea Moose has a plethora of expertise in pulling off custom and personalized events ranging from business brunch and intimate dining to weddings, ash-burials at sea, and so much more.

As one of the most unique outdoor venues in Chicago, Adeline’s Sea Moose will be sure to tantalize your culinary desires, capture surreal views of the Chicago skyline, and help create an event you’ll never forget.

What is an unconventional party?

Birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings are all unique and special occasions. But are they unconventional? No. These events are traditional celebrations worthy of a luxurious setting, amazing food and drinks, and a venue like none other in Chicago.

But unconventional? Not really. An unconventional party is one that most people would never think of putting on. More, they would never consider having that unconventional event in an unconventional Chicago venue. These events can be entirely unique or a fresh take on a traditional celebration.

There is no doubt that a yacht celebration in Chicago is an unforgettable event. Why not add a little more flavor and create an unconventional party for your outdoor rental space on a Chicago yacht.

Here are five fun and upbeat party ideas to celebrate on a yacht that can truly be considered unconventional.

Fraternal fun catch up

Outdoor rental space for a Fraternal fun catch up

We all remember family reunions. But how about you bring those college memories to the present on a fraternal catch up dinner. Celebrate college graduation anniversaries with your old fraternity and sorority. After all, you’ve spent the last twenty years graduated from keggers to wine tastings.

Take a look at the features Adeline’s Sea Moose has to offer

The Flea Market Fundraiser

A new trend moving from the West coast to the East coast are flea market fundraisers. Generally, these events have donated high-end and valuable items such as coins, vintage clothing, and historic auction pieces. All donated, these items are either sold in flea market style or auction, to raise funds for a local group or non-profit.

Adeline’s Sea Moose has four deck levels, as well as a kitchen, full wet bar, and area for a buffet-style event.

Taco Y Vino brunch on a yacht

Are you looking for a unique way to explore brunch? How about inviting some of your closest friends to enjoy a variety of globally ethnic tacos and pairing wines from the world’s top wine regions such as Burgundy, Tuscany, New Zealand, and Napa.

Adeline’s Sea Moose works with Chicago’s finest chefs, bartenders, and bakeries to bring you culinary excursions that will make you… let’s face it, you’ll be drooling for more.

Celebrate the Chicago Spring with a tea party.

Most of us have heard of an old fashioned English tea party, but have you ever enjoyed one? Imagine coasting along the on Lake Michigan with Springy hats and sundresses while partaking in a delightful tea party.

A tea party is an afternoon social gathering which tea, small cakes, delicate sandwiches, and other light refreshments are served. Tea parties are a great way to keep relaxation and the ease of conversation flowing. Enjoy card and board games, laughter, and a memory you’ll never forget.

Turn a yacht into a dinner theater.

You’ve probably never heard of a dinner theater party on a yacht before. But coastal towns have these intimate affairs quite often. Do you belong to a theater group and want to show off vignette-style monologues and short plays? Or, do you want to utilize the unique space of a yacht to show off your improvisation skills?

Step out of your theatrical element and enjoy a truly unconventional – but exhilarating – theater event.

Contact Adeline’s Sea Moose to schedule an outdoor rental space in Chicago.

Do you have an unconventional party idea that requires outdoor rental space in Chicago? Adeline’s Sea Moose is a 45-passenger private luxury yacht on Lake Michigan. Adeline’s Sea Moose caters to events, get-togethers, business meetings, and parties of all types.

Contact us to customize your event from the traditional celebration to unique and unconventional party ideas that will only be enhanced with an outdoor rental space like a yacht.

From unparalleled views of Chicago’s skyline to the fresh air, and personalized food and cocktail menu, entertainment, and much more! The Sea Moose is one of the most unique and customizable event venues in Chicago.